I have run straight, smack dab, face planted in fact, into the phenomenon of time vs. speed.  It is almost Christmas – less than two weeks away – and I am stunned by the speed with which this last year has passed!

My intentions for the year were good – blog regularly, design a few patterns, and knit every day.  Well, as the song says “two out of three, ain’t bad”!  LOL!

I am working on two new patterns for the New Year – Tulip Fields Forever, a lacy half-pi shaped shawl knit with Maryanne’s Socks.  This one is slated to be a KAL starting in Mid February.  The KAL will be called Dreaming of Spring.  And the Furrowed Skies Blanket Vest, knit with Buffalo Wool Co, Buffalo Skies DK.  I need one of those vests for myself!  Both are looking great and I will keep you updated.  Just finished – Makin’ Mittens.

I am now knitting Christmas Presents – and the push is on!  How about you?   Are you knitting gifts for Christmas?  If so, what?  There is still time – I mean – almost two weeks – that could be a pair of mittens, a hat, a scarf – maybe all three!  Where is the Magnum when you need it!  LOL!  A couple of Chunky hats are in my near future!

I am also baking this year – well I have added Christmas Cake, both light and dark to the list and what’s more I actually baked them!  Today I baked the walnut shortbread (my favorite), it is cooling on the racks; and we still need more regular shortbread – some one seems to be eating it!

IMG_4237 (1024x720)

Decorating is next – looking forward to the house being ready for Christmas.  We bought the tree today, a noble fir.  It smells so good!

It isn’t raining right now – but it has for most of the last few weeks.  Today was the first day I had really walked!  We hadn’t done much real walking for the last two weekends – I missed it – I missed the pictures and the time outside.

IMG_4160 (1024x684)

Today we went to Piper’s Lagoon.  I revelled in the wind, with just a touch of rain.  My ears and fingers were cold, but it was great!  We watched and admired a couple of Kayakers that braved the waves – it would have been hard work to stay upright and moving forward over that surf.


There was no beach this morning – just waves rolling right up to the logs that lined the shore.

No pretty flowers, just interesting leaves and struggling weeds to photograph today!

Happy Planning, Knitting and Decorating