The View from our Room.

I wrote about the Saturday in Victoria and Butchart Gardens.  An incredible day.

The drive home was pretty normal, with one small interruption.  We stopped at Goldstream Park.  The salmon are running, while normal this is also a cause for celebration.  There had been concerns about an oil spill keeping the salmon from Goldstream.

Salmon in the shallows, fighting their way upstream.

I had never seen the salmon running up a river.  I have watched film and seen pictures but had never seen it for myself.  It was amazing.

The Salmon are not the pretty ones we see in the Ocean or in the store.  These are old and getting ready to spawn and then die.  They are beautiful and wild.

A school of salmon resting before tackling the main current of the stream.

They blend with the stones in the River Bed, and they need too, sea-gulls and eagles are looking for a meal and the Salmon offer easy prey, especially in the shallows of the stream.

The air at Goldstream was alive with the cries of the gulls.  They were everywhere, preening, eating, and waiting.  The salmon were thick in the stream, some struggling up-stream, others resting in the eddies, waiting to take the next section of the stream.  It was a scene of constant motion.  I will not soon forget it.

Gull waiting for the next salmon

I worked on a pair of plain socks for myself on the drives too and from Victoria.  Finished the heel and got into the gusset.

My sock - Soxy yarn.

Happy Knitting



A wild Salmon - so colourful.