From the Nightfall Fan by Deborah Robinson to ......

Knitting, I mean!  Lately I have been asked how I create my knitting, where do my idea’s come from and how do I think up the things I have.  It is what I do.  It is really no different from the person who loves numbers and is an accountant.  They can look at a jumble of numbers and make sense of them.  Or the gardener who will go out into the garden and tell you what you need and where it should go!

..Vogue knitting. My obsession with string and needles and dyes has lead me along a stumbling path. Always learning and not always creating what I started out to create - I found my bliss.

I have many friends who can create the most interesting and intricate of quilts from scraps of fabric and what I do is no different.  It is just that I can take bits of string and some sticks and turn that into fabric – that is how my mind works.

When I started knitting I certainly didn’t see myself here, teaching knitting and writing patterns for others to knit from, in fact, I never really planned anything.  All I ever wanted to do was be happy.  Pretty simplistic, but not always easy to attain.  So after unravelling my ball of string this is where it put me, obsessed with needles and yarn, happy as a pig in…

What makes you happy?  What do you love to do?  Some of you love knitting or are at least interested in it, or you wouldn’t reading this.  Did you follow your bliss, as the saying goes.

Leaf and Point Scarf - first version.

I have another Leaf and Point Scarf ready to paint, it is a different blend of fibres and the vision I have for painting is a little different – we will see where that takes me.  The piece I am really excited about is the Painted butterfly’s.  I am almost finished the body of the shawl, only the 3 to 11 rows left.  Depending upon my yarn as I am almost out!  Then the edging to do – planning on doing this with a slightly fuzzy cashmere/silk blend – body is a smooth wool/silk blend.  Maybe it will be finished knitting early next week!

Painted Butterfly's - just a few rows left before the edging!

Where do I want to go from here?  Not really that sure as I am happy, I think that I will keep unravelling my string and seeing where it will take me!

Happy Knitting