Rainbow Cast-off Beaded Edge

Looking for a different finish for a special shawl/scarf or garment?  Why not try beads?  A beaded cast-off is easy and looks great.  It can add a little weight at the edge of the garment to add drape and sparkle as well.  The finish that a few beads can add is incredible and does not require a lot of work.

Dental Floss Threaders - great beading tool!

Working with beads is not difficult, but it can be a little fiddly.  The first time, try working with a larger bead like a 6/0, they are easier to see and have a bigger hole for stringing the yarn through.  Stringing them does require a steady hand and a good eye and a dental floss threader!

Just before finishing your project, break your working yarn and string your beads – try using a dental floss threader.  Then work your beads into your cast-on as follows:

Needle is in stitch and bead is in place

Place your beads every stitch or every other stitch or in a sequence that works for your project or your amount of beads.  Steps below assume that you are  placing a bead on each stitch.

Bead about to come through the stitch.

1)  Insert your right hand needle into your stitch, pull the next bead within approx. 1/4in of the stitch, wrap your yarn and then pull the bead through.  Make sure that the beads sits on the front of the stitch.

Bead Resting on the front of the stitch.

2)  Repeat step 1 for second stitch and then lift the back stitch over the front stitch as normal for your cast-off.  Always make sure that the bead rests on the front of your stitch for the best visibility!

Ready for the first stitch to be cast-off.

Change the look with different coloured beads or beads with different finishes.  Crystal beads make spectacular edges.  Try wooden beads or buttons, almost anything that can be strung can be knit into your edge.

First stitch cast-off.

Once you have mastered this technique there are many other beading ideas that you can try! 

 Have fun and enjoy this technique!

Continuing the Sequence.

Happy Knitting