Dad (Maurice Cecil Le Tissier) and Flo. Dad is wearing his Guernsey, it is unfortunately to dark to show the details!

I was cruising around Facebook yesterday and saw a link to a Guernsey Island Blog.  They are promoting a competition to design a traditional style Guernsey sweater.  I already have a bag of the Guernsey 5-ply that I have been wanting to knit and now I have the excuse – like I needed one!  The Competition is to help keep traditional Island pattern alive.  I don’t know any of my families traditional patterns, perhaps I shall try to create some of my own.

I knit a Guernsey for my father quite a few years ago.  It was the only knitted sweater that he ever asked for.  I used Gladys Thompson’s book  – Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys and Arans – as the template for his pattern. He wanted a black sweater, but I wish that I had knitted it in a lighter colour as you can’t see the details.  I knit in his initials and used the Guernsey Island pattern from the book, with a few small changes.  It is hard to believe that I knit his sweater over 20 years ago.  That is how old the picture is!  It is past time that I knit one for me.  I am going to knit it in the natural Guernsey yarn and most likely dye it when I am done.

His father, my grandfather is from Guernsey.  His name was Cecil James LeTissier.  He died when I was very young and I have few memories of him, but I have heard many stories over the years and have always been fascinated about stories from the island itself.  One day I may even make it to Guernsey – just not soon!

Bag and Project!

Fiona has been busy creating new project bags.  She has made me one to match my fabulous knitting bag.  I am working on a adult size of the Victorian Lace Cap, it is going a little more slowly than the small ones.  I am working with the Nordique again and it makes for a very enjoyable knit!

Happy Knitting