Beads and trimmed dental floss threader ready to go.

Have you been wanting to try adding some beads to your knitting?  Are you somewhere in the middle and just want to add a few beads for accent?  This technique works well with the larger beads and heavier wool. 

picking up the stitch.

Take one of those dental floss threaders, cut off the long tip so that the curved part is open.  This stiff piece of blue fibre will hold your stitch and pick-up the beads with no problems.

Threader holding the stitch.


Before knitting your stitch – take the stitch off of the left hand needle with the dental floss threader.

Then even up the ends of the threader and use them to pick-up the bead.

Hold the ends even.

Pick up the bead.

Then slide the bead down the threader and onto the stitch. 

Bead on the Stitch.

Once the bead is on the stitch slide the stitch back onto the left hand needle and then knit.

Stitch holding the bead is ready to knit.

This method will work with all sizes of beads, but I prefer the crochet hook with the smaller beads. 
Where this method is particularly useful is when the hole in the center of the bead is a little smaller – this makes the head of the crochet hook a little harder to insert.  Some of the fancy finished beads have smaller holes due to the finish that has been applied to the glass. 
A short piece of wire will also work.
I love the effect that beads add to my knitting!
Happy Knitting