I really should be doing something else – housework comes to mind, but really, my head is not there!  It can safely be said that my head is seldom there!  I am very good at procrastination and excell at putting off to tomorrow anything that I feel can wait.  I’ll write about good intentions instead!

Winter Berries - holly under the snow!

Yesterday I was feeling a little restless (snow does it to me – memories of being housebound in Northern Manitoba) and decided to start a new pattern, something I did not design, something different!  What did I choose?  The Juneberry Triangle, by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed). 

Juneberry Sculpture

The yarn, Nordique by Veronik Avery and the pattern book with the Juneberry Triangle pattern were a gift from Beth.  I really wanted to try it out.  I started last night and I love it!  The intitial pattern flows beautifully once learned – it is basically a four row pattern that offsets itself and like most knitting patterns is very logical in it’s structure. 


It is Lace Knitting (YO’s on right and wrong side rows), but has a highly sculptural quality, due in part to the lofty construction of the yarn and the lace pattern itself which has a real 3 dimensional quality – the yarn and stitch pair beautifully.  The rest of the pattern looks to be equally dimensional with bobbles and flowing lace lines.  I can hardly wait to get it finished!

Back to my knitting – have a great day!

Happy Knitting