A gorgeous morning in Bowen Park for the photo shoot!

It has been something of a banner week for me.  Since last Monday I have finished off the projects for the Magic of Mohair Competion.  I photographed the projects on the next Saturday and edited and sent off the pictures and papers on the Sunday – not without a few issues involving the scanner on my printer, the computer and e-mail system – I was a little frazzled on Sunday! 

Wisteria Cuff - glove version

In between the finishing of the projects and the weekend I knit one beaded glove, and strung the beads for the other.  At the same time as knitting the glove I got the pattern started and a couple of charts done for the “Wisteria Cuff” pattern – pattern for beaded cuffed socks or gloves.  Then I knitted a beaded beret as the first sample for the spring class and pattern that I am planning and then I actually fixed my son’s sweater!  All in the space of a week!  I am not usually quite that organized.

"Embossed Beret"

I hope that my next week goes just as well!

Happy Knitting