3212311795_05caa1ff21_zThe perfect pattern for those left-over bits of White Buffalo, Prairie Wool or Country Roving that are hanging around!

One hat, with the fold-over rib takes approx 3/4 of a wheel.

Notes on the Pattern:  The toques are knitted circularly to eliminate the bulk of seams.  Knit them plain or choose one of the charts to personalize your toque.    Sizes shown, Natural colours, large, red toque, medium. Toques could be knit with 7mm for ribbing and 8mm for body.  This will make a slightly looser knit but the yarn can handle it and will give a greater range of fits.3917135978_b2c4c2e820_z

Materials:  Briggs Country Rovings, 150 grs (approx 2/3 of a wheel), either single colour or mixed amounts, for a single adult toque with the folded over ribbing, less for a toque without the folded ribbing or for a child’s size.  7mm, 16 inch, circular and dpn’s, or dpn’s alone for the body of the toque and 6mm, 16 inch, circular or dpn’s for the ribbing.

3212316553_89f207cc07_zGauge:  10.5 stitches to 4 inches in stockinet using 7mm needles

Sizes:  There are 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large, the smallest will fit the average child’s head.