3886600143_cb854aa9b8_zThese gloves are designed to have a definite right and left hand. This gives the gloves a better fit.  Forchettes, small gussets between each finger, are there for the same reason. Forchettes also reduce the stress on the gloves where the fingers start. Gloves are knit in the round. The basic pattern uses only the plain ribbing, if you wish to make your ribbing more interesting check out the ribbing options in the design section, after the basic pattern.

There are three cuff options for the gloves as well as a ribbed fingerless mitten and a basic full mitten.

Gauge:  Tight 32sts in 4 inches, stockinet

Sizing: Ladies Small, Medium and Large (man’s Medium)2428840188_7f0e7abb93_z

Materials:  50grms of 4-ply yarn will make most fingerless gloves or mittens, for a pair of gloves with full fingers, plan on 75grms to 100grms of 4-ply yarn.  Recommended yarns include “Drops” alpaca, any 4-ply sock yarn, “Cotton Fine” 4-ply and many of the Handmaiden Yarns would also work.   You will also need 6 or 7 inch sets of 2.75mm and 2.5mm dp’s. A set of 2.5mm dp’s in the 5 inch length for the thumbs and fingers are highly recommended.  Small markers to mark side seams and your gusset shaping would also be useful.