Sometime called "Little Arrowhead", this pattern always reminds me more of the shape of Cathedral windows. Add beads and light and it becomes a small window for real! The second lace pattern for the the Dark of the Morning - KAL!

As knitters we make many investments in our knitting.  From the basics of yarn, needles and notions to the most complex of investments – time.

Time is the very first thing we invest.  We invest time first to learn, and then to practise and improve our skills;  We invest time to consider whom to knit for and what to knit;  we invest time in choosing our project, the perfect yarn for our budget and desired outcomes, ie, does it need to be machine or hand wash, do we want wool or cotton, or what about a synthetic fibre – what will best suit the needs of that particular project; and then we choose the needles that we can best afford.

Choosing needles can be stressful.  There are many varieties and many different kinds of prices.  I consider my needles another kind of investment, they will last for many years and many projects and I will handle them many hours a day.  Like most long-term investments, buy the best you can afford.  When I was a young single mom, they were Inox (now Prym) or Aero.  Now they are Addi Turbo Lace, or Natura and lately you have heard me rave about my new Knitters Pride SymphonieRose needles.

For straight or circular knitting - circular knitting needles work best for me!

Over the years of knitting I have experienced a few issues with my wrists, I found that many knitters experience these kind of problems.  Circular needles take a lot of the pressure off your wrists, and I need to baby my wrists.  Good needles do make the knitting easier on my hands and I need my hands!

The most expensive part of our investment in knitting is the time we take to knit our project!  Very few knitters take “Time” into consideration when knitting.  It is something they are going to be doing anyway, why should time be factored in?!

When we decide to knit a gift, we are thinking of the person that the gift is for through every step of the process, what gift, what fibre, what size, by when and how long will it take, and then the knitting time.  Through the knitting time we are thinking loving thoughts and wonderful feelings into each stitch and each moment of the project.  That is truly a priceless gift, as it seems to me that our time is more precious than ever these days.


My time can be spent quite foolishly, following one of my what if.... ideas! 5000+ beads pre-strung in pattern to create this silk and bead 'Argylle" styled Jabot!

How do you value your time?  Do you divide it evenly throughout many projects and skills?  Do you travel and expand your mind in your spare (no time is truly spare) time?

I have recently – just yesterday – made a new investment.  Money has been the biggest part of that investment so far, but I know that time will be by far the biggest part of this investment!

We have just bought ourselves an 8 and 1/2 week old Beagle puppy.  Her name is Sophie and she is way too cute.  So far she has a very quiet, sweet disposition and even managed to sleep through the whole night last night – fingers crossed that she will do the same tonight.

Meet Sophie! A high-powered bundle of energy!

I am sure that the time and effort of raising a puppy will be more than paid back by the joy and laughter that she has already brought and will continue to bring into our lives!  Yes, I am a sap, especially when it comes to small puppies, little babies and all things warm and cuddly and important in life!

Official Release Date of Charts for Section B of the Dark of the Morning KAL is Monday, Feb 13th.

Happy Knitting – Only when Sophie is sleeping or otherwise occupied for me!