It has been a busy few days!  Forget Status Quo, life just got more interesting!!

I haven't had much time for knitting - no more progress on the KAL sample - I'll pick it up again tonight!

I released the first section of the Dark of the Morning KAL – it has been a huge success.  Much bigger, with more interest than I ever expected.  Here are some stats:

  • 192 knitters in the Ravelry Group
  • over 400 downloads of the first section of the pattern
  • and some people have already finished the first section – Gulp!!  I had better get the next chart finished!!
  • And I had over 200 blog hits on the release date – Jan 29th

At the same time as all of this – other things were starting to happen in the knitting sphere around us:

  • Loani Prior is releasing a new Tea-Cozy book – How Tea-Cosies Changed the World
  • I discovered some absolutely gorgeous tea-cozies by a designer I had never seen before.  Her name is Jenny Whitehead and her Character Cozies are fabulous!
  • Tea-cozies seem to be causing quite a buzz!
  • Vogue Knitting on Facebook was looking for some pictures of Tea-Cozies and being the volunteer type – I volunteered a link to my Tea-Cozy page on the blog!  LOL!!
  • Vogue Knitting very kindly linked me up and created even more hits on the blog, I have made a few new friends and heard lots of wonderful comments about the cozies!

As a result of these two events coinciding I have spent a lot of time playing around on Ravelry and Facebook!

The Retreat Handout is almost done – tomorrow am I should have the bulk of the writing done and just need to add pictures and graphs!  It is only a little over a week away – I am getting so excited!

Happy Knitting