Malabrigo Sock - Archangel - Gold mirrored bead or purple lined bead?

My beads have arrived and now I need to choose my yarn and bead combination for the Dark of the Morning KAL!  I cannot knit them all…. Maybe two?  No not enough time!  I have set up the beads and yarn and I am going to contemplate the colours for a day or so!

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts – I am always willing to hear other points of view!  I love certain colours and sometimes that blinds me to other options.

Mountain Colours Bearfoot - Lilac - light green mirrored, very light blue mirrored, clear mirrored or purple lined beads?

The KAL will really start cooking this weekend.  I’ll work out the chart and start knitting so that everything is perfect (or as perfect as this imperfect knitter can make it!) for the Feb 4th release of the first chart.  I’ll also take some time to tidy up the schematic so that it is easier to read.

We have snow, about 4 inches and very cold temperatures – which means the snow will stay for a little while – at least until this weekend when it is supposed to start raining!

A late addition to the party - Tosh Sock - Blackcurrant - Gunmetal mirrored or Pink AB beads?

Cold is relative to what you are used to and we are used to mild cold and flowers and grey!  I like grey, grey blues, grey greens and grey skies!

Winter snows do add a serene beauty to our landscape that I do enjoy.  The air is quieter, sounds are muted and the light is very bright, reflecting off the white surfaces and diffusing over everything.  The diffused light softens the edges of everything in its path.  I like this.  The light changes the colours of everything as well.  These changes fascinate me.

My favorite "Cold" place - the view from the top of Blackcomb Mountain - last June!

Beads in your knitting can do some of the things that snow accomplishes.  They catch and diffuse the light:  they highlight lines in your knitting and colours in your yarn:  and sometimes they just add weight to the knitting.   Which just improves the project, without changing the overall look – this usually means that your beads were a little too subtle – I have a couple of projects like that!  I learn with each one I knit.

Welted Moebius - to ruffle or not to ruffle - that is the question! OHH... that was bad!! LOL!

The last Retreat Project is now done – Well maybe – I am still debating whether or not to add another small ruffle on the edge – in the Kersti this time – very narrow – just to highlight the edge further!  But the thought of picking up the 380 stitches necessary to do so is holding me back!  LOL!!

Happy Knitting