Ok, I have taken the first step and started a new Ravelry group for the KAL.  http://www.ravelry.com/groups/dark-of-the-morning—kal—letissier-designs

I was so thrilled with your response to my idea!  Thank-you so much for your quick responses and enthusiasm for the project!

Bearfoot and Malabrigo Sock, Just before sunrise and sunrise!

After much thought, mostly at around 4:00am, I have decided to name the KAL, Dark of the Morning, due to the time of day when my thought processes seem to work best, much to my dismay!!  Also after much thought, I decided to create a Ravelry group – Ravelry offers me the best and least expensive method of getting the charts to you as free downloads.  You will be able to download the charts – there will be five in total – directly from my Ravelry pattern sales site.  They will be available as free downloads until 2 weeks after the last chart is released, after that I will turn this into a traditional retail pattern.

First date to watch for will Jan 21st.  I will release the schematic for the scarf then.  This will give you an idea of the options available, depending on how you use the charts.

A late arrival - Artyarns grape, just too pretty not to consider.

Yarn choices – I have decided to use a 4-ply weight of yarn.  You will need 400 yds in total.  So dive into your stash, or head to your local yarn store – I know one that is having a great yarn sale!  LOL!! – and find yourself some wonderful yarn.  The finished scarf should be about 6inches wide and 4.5 to 5 feet long.

For myself – I am considering three different yarns.  I will make my final choice once my new beads arrive.

Yesterday I went stash diving and came up with two possibilities – Bearfoot Lilac, 400 yds or Malabrigo Sock Archangel (850), 440 yds.  This morning I added another possibility – Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Light grape (H24), 400 yds.  You will need approx 1200 to 1500 size 8/0 beads as well and a 4mm needle for your scarf.

These are my default bead - they will go with anything!!

Yesterday I went and checked out my beads, I have a large collection of size 8/0’s.  I didn’t like any of them!  The problem being I had recently worked with some Matsuno Dyna-mites.

These 8/0’s are perfect in size and shape and have great holes.  I wanted more of them.  I went on-line to FireMountain Gems and ordered 8 colours (I wanted choices!!).  The shipping is cruel – they are in the States – but the beads are worth it.  Those of you who have bead stores close to you, take in your yarn and check out the colours in person, it will be much cheaper – I promise!

Entrelac and Welted Cowl - third option for the retreat! This is knit with the Retreat yarns, 2 shades of Vintage DK. The cow is shaped from the bottom to the top by reducing the size of each square.

The Retreat Projects are going along great.  I am more than 60 % through the third project and have the yarn for the 4th.  I start writing the patterns this week.  This year has gotten off to a very creative start!

I have lots of other idea, swirling around in my head and look forward to year of planning, creating, knitting and painting!

Happy Knitting

4th project for the Retreat - A welted Moebius! Koigu Kersti and Diamond Luxury, Mulberry and Merino! The colours just sing!