What does “On Track” mean really?  I have got my list of projects and they are progressing…… with a few minor diversions.  But what about the rest of life?  Does that figure into one’s “track”?  I have come to believe not!  Life does not follow a “track”.  It likes to meander along a cow path, lots of diversions and side trips.

First half almost done, second on the way, once joined again, I can finish the ears!

My projects for the Spring classes are moving along just great.  The little cozy is more than half done and the scarves are right where they need to be.  My sweater coat Purple “Wrapsody” is well past the waist – it is a top-down sweater – and looks fabulous.

Emily just threw a great big rock into the middle of the road and dared me to remove it.  I swear that is just what it feels like.

Emily is a wonderful friend and boss.  She got me some yarn for Christmas – not just any yarn but some of the most beautiful yarn in the world, and not just one skein, a whole bag, enough for a sweater.

“You have lots of yarn”, you might say!  And you would be right!  But not yarn like this, not yarn that seduces me into thoughts of ditching everything and running off into paths unplanned.  “What kind of yarn could be that great?”, you ask.

ArtYarns Cashmere 2– shade H 24 would be my answer.  1400m of pure heaven!

Heaven - I am in Heaven!

What am I going to knit?  My thoughts keep wandering off the necessary path, into the path of dreams, drooling and knitting heaven.

I hope that you had that kind of Christmas!  One that took you off track for a while, and allowed a little dreaming!

Happy Knitting