I am currently working against a deadline.  I want to send the Vogue samples off by Wednesday or Thursday and I am behind.  So why am I writing a post you ask – my hands need the break – the typing motion uses different muscles.  And my mind and hands were making stupid mistakes!  We won’t mention to word P r o c r a s t i n a t i o n…..

This is my second break.  I took the first one around noon.  The grey clouds momentarily broke and the sun shone through.  My husband and I took advantage of the sun and went for a walk around Piper’s Lagoon and it was a good thing – it is back to clouds and rain again.  The Fall weather has settled in for the long haul.

Piper's Lagoon - mirror like on the lagoon side....

There were quite a few people and their dogs out enjoying the weather, a few birds, and some sea-gulls as well!  It was glorious.  The lagoon was perfectly flat and reflecting all of the homes on the one side and on the Ocean side the waves were still coming in, not too large, but large enough to “BOOM” on the beach.  You could see all sorts of logs had been tossed into the curve of the Bay by the waves.  I wondered if a log-boom had broken free from somewhere nearby – there were so many of them. 

These walks offer a break from my frenetic knitting and an opportunity to record the world around us – I am so glad that digital cameras make taking pictures so easy!

Sea Gull heaven - lots of interesting things thrown up on the beach!

I really enjoyed the break and I am so glad that it happened; looking out now you would think that the rain had never stopped.

Waves crashing on the rocks on the Ocean side.

I don’t often “Power Knit” anymore – by my definition that means knit for hours in a day with few breaks.  I still knit about 4 hours a day, but on power days that could increase to 8 hours in that day.  Today is such a day.  I am already at about 4 hours and expect to get in 5 hours more before I go to sleep.  Do you “Power Knit”?  How often?

I have bad wrists – too many days of too much knitting – but like most knitters that does not stop me from knitting.  But I now make sure to take the necessary breaks to rest my hands, switch from project to project to use different needle sizes.  I also wear a rigid wrist brace at night.  What steps do you take to increase your knitting time?  How do you look after your hands and wrists?

This little bird and his friend (see above) were singing their hearts out in the sunshine.

Happy Knitting – back to the needles for me!