Sprays of white illuminate the undergrowth at Woodstream Park just as Friends illuminate our lives.

They are the rocks on which we build our lives, and along with family, they are always relied upon to be “there” – whatever the need may be.  Friends are also the connection to activities past and present and to future endeavors anticipated and unanticipated.  The sharing of experiences with friends enhances the enjoyment of our lives.

Late Wildflowers at Woodstream Park

Friends also give us the proverbial kick in the rear when we need it as well.  They will shove us out the door when we don’t want to go or do whatever it is that is waiting for us out there!  Such a friend got me involved with Vogue Knitting.

Friends hold secrets.  Friends can laugh and cry for you when you can’t express all that you are holding inside.  Friends will swear for you when you are incapable of words.  Friends hold all of your life’s experiences in their existence.  They connect you to your past.  Where would we be without our friends.

West Coast Wild Rose

Knitting has brought me many friends through the years.  One of the intangibles of knitting for me is the people that it has brought into my life.  Another intangible is the great satisfaction and fulfillment of my need to be creative.  To strive, to learn, to improve, to share – those are some of the things that knitting brings into my life.

Celebrate your Creativity

Is there something that brings intangibles into your life?  What is it that holds you in place and brings that satisfaction and grounding that we look for in our lives?  The bonds of friendship, family and my joy in knitting keep me grounded and at one with the world.

Love your friends and family, live your joy!

Happy Knitting


Celebrate our Amazing World - the view from the top of Blackcomb