Last night was a perfect teaching experience.

The class was an evening class that runs from 5:30 to 7:30, and it was Beginner’s II.  Beginner’s II is a class for knitters who can cast-on, knit, purl and cast-off and who are starting to understand about stockinet, ribbing and other basic knitting terms.  This class adds increasing and decreasing skills.  It is designed to take the beginning knitter to the next level.  After Beginner’s II we feel that anything is possible, knitting wise, and everything builds from this.

"Heron" - a new project designed for the Beginners II class. Knit flat or in the round, lots of practise for their new skills!

The first class of Beginner’s II is the most challenging as 3 different types of increasing are taught.  An evening class is a little more difficult to teach as most students have worked all day – I get to start at noon when I teach evenings – and most of the members of the class are a little tired.

Last night I had six students:  six students who meshed – the energy was incredible.  They all “got” the concepts and by the end of the class they were helping each other!  It was a very inspiring experience for me.  I walked out of the class energized and not enervated.  The students left before me chattering and laughing and loving what they had learned.

Goldstream Park - last weekend - a perfect moment.

This has happened before, and will happen again, but it is not a common experience for an evening class.  Sometimes students don’t mesh and sometimes the energy is so low that it drags everyone down, but this was the perfect class!  I love teaching just for classes like this!

Happy Knitting