Irish - Blocking and drying.

My apologies for not blogging for the last week – it actually feels like longer than a week!  We have been the grips of a family crisis.

This week, with the return to work, life will return to something of a more normal schedule.  Whatever normal is!

I did accomplish a few of my planned activities.  I finished “Irish” – it is blocking out on the floor.

Neck detail

I am hoping that another day will see it dry enough to wear.  This morning I will take it up and put down dry towels.  It will fit, but will it look any good?  I have to wait to find out!

I started working on Purple “Wrap”sody last night and got over an inch knit in the raglan, only another inch before I separate off the sleeves.  This is intended to be a wrap type of sweater, it could take a little while to knit.

Fretwork Mittens

I started loading my patterns onto Patternfish.  Patternfish is an online pattern store and getting my patterns on there is something that I have been meaning to do for a very long time!  Starting was an object lesson on reading the instructions completely (or at least properly) before you start.  I wasted a whole evenings worth of work by missing a first, very important step!

Getting my patterns onto Patternfish will be a fairly long process.  It takes me 10 to 15 min for each pattern – I have over 80 patterns in total and I think that I have loaded about 20 of them so far.  Once I load them, the people at Patternfish check out the patterns and Ok them and then open them up for sale.  So far only one had been OK’d, Fretwork Beaded Mittens, but someone has already bought a pattern!

Goldstream - Gorgeous!

I did manage to get a couple of walks in this week.  A gorgeous walk in Goldstream Park.  The Salmon are not quite running yet – I did see a couple of fish, but give it about 3 weeks and Goldstream will be alive with them.

We – my husband and I – also discovered a little provincial park in Cedar, just south of Nanaimo.  HemerPark – we had seen the signs but had never stopped to look.  We just had time for a short walk but we will be back.

Welcome to Hemer.

It is a beautiful park, even on a grey day.

In between crisis, walks and knitting Irish, I got my hair cut – I had been doing my best shaggy dog impersonation.  I also submitted a couple of design idea’s to Vogue Knitting.  I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

A clump of Bullrushs - Goldstream.

Happy Knitting