Magical Treasures around every corner!

Yesterday was Mad About Ewe Second Annual Picknit.  It was at Neck Point Park, one of my favorite places! It was a wonderful day.  What made it even better for me was the inspiration on the beach.

We arrived for a very low tide – so low that dozens of Sea-stars were glistening in the sun, just waiting for the tide to come back.  The Tidal Pools Stole that I am working on is going to feature Sea-stars both painted and dimensional.  I took some great photo’s for inspiration and I even had the yarn with me to start creating the 3-dimensional Sea-stars.  Look at the colours of the real Sea-stars, can you imagine – tans, greys, blues, greens and those incredible purples!  Those colours painted on the mohair and silk combinations that I am knitting with, the softness of the mohair and the sheen of the silk.  Hopefully next weekend everything will be ready to paint!

Happy Knitting