Leaf and Point Scarf – ready to Paint!
Look up! Look Waaaay up!

Last weekend I managed to fit a short walk in – between the rain showers and running around, which greatly improved the weekend.  We went to Colliery Dam Park in Harewood.  It was a beautiful walk.  But this weekend is looking much better!  The weatherman is promising sun and I have plans to paint a couple of pieces of lace knitting with dye this weekend!  I also have a turkey dinner for a dozen planned for sunday – lots of family and friends.  What could make for a better weekend!?  I hope that it looks just as promising for you.

I have just started the more difficult lace scarf for the Summer Dye class.  I finished the simpler piece a couple of days ago – it is awaiting the paint brushes this weekend.  The painting of the stole will wait until I can practise on the Lace Scarf!  The other lace piece for painting is the Sampler from the retreat.  I think that it will be very interesting to paint as it is a very intricate lace pattern.

I have finished the other cable sock so the samples for the summer classes are almost ready – I still have to write the patterns for the classes, but that can wait until the spring classes are finished!

Happy Knitting


PS the images all want to migrate to the top of the page today!  What’s up with that!