Vogue Spring/Summer 2012 #9 socks.

Vogue Spring/Summer 2012 #9 socks.

Twisted Beaded Cuff for Just About Anything

This Beaded Twist is a great start for socks, gloves or even bigger projects!  I have only used it on socks to date.

The beaded twist has to be knit flat and then after the stitches are twisted; the knitting can be connected to knit in the round.

You will be using the simplest of beading techniques – simply pull the bead up and let it rest between 2 stitches. This allows the beads to show most prominently on the purl side of the knitting, which will be the right side of the cuff or project start.

Pre-string your beads, approx. 1.35 beads per stitches cast-on.  Loosely cast on a multiple of 6 stitches.

  • Knit 4 rows in reverse stockinette (purl side is the right side).
  • Next row WS – *K4, B1*, repeat from * to * across the row and end K3.
  • For the next 3 rows pull up the beads randomly, approximately 1/4 of the total beads each row. You do not want the beads to sit directly above the bead on the row below.
  • Next row RS – *K6 and then twist the right hand needle completely around; repeat from * to the end of the row. The cuff or start is complete.
First 6 sts are knit and ready to twist.

First 6 sts are knit and ready to twist.

Cast-on and knit the 8 rows with the beads.

With right side facing, knit side – not purl; take the right hand needle and twist it 360°.

At 180°.


At 360°.


Connect and knit next 6 stitches, repeat the twist.

At 180°.


At 360°.


Continue repeating twist until all the twist’s are made.


This technique is easy to adjust to any stitch count; change the amount of stitches between each twist; twist more often or less often.  Work with a heavier yarn and bigger beads!

Add a little bling to your knits.

Happy Knitting


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  1. Cast on and knit the 8 rows with the beads ?? How do you place your beads, and is that every row.

    would love to see a beaded shawlette, knitted sideways.

    Love your work


    • Hi Junie,

      The method used before the twist is the easiest of the pre-strung beading methods. Pre-string the amount of beads that you want, and pull them up between stitches. The good side of this method is the reverse stockinet side as the beads show best there.

      I have a pattern that another knitter had questions about and I did up the pictorial for her.

      I hope that this helps!


  2. Thanks Lynette, I have never done socks, can not knit in the round, as you know from ravelry I love your work.

    Would love to see a tutorial on this, I am off to look at your other work.

    Thanks so much for your reply


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