…. Started a New Project, get interrupted by other projects and just never get back to the other project!

Northern Lights Shawl

I know you have!  Well I know I have and that is just what happened to my blog!

Early last Spring I decided I wanted to update and expand my blog to create more of a website; somewhere where I could sell my patterns as well as share my pictures and thoughts.  It was time – I was running out of memory storage and needed to purchase more and a lot of things needed updating so with a lot of HELP from Ron Miskin of the Buffalo Wool Co we started to make changes!

And then life happened – to us both!

And now a year later – pretty much perfectly a year later – the new site is usable!  Out of the fog of this last year – tt still needs some work and you can expect some more changes over the next few months as we fine tune it!

Not all of my patterns are here – there are so many from the last year alone that need to be uploaded – but I will be adding all the time – as time allows!  LOL!

Spring is Finally here and Bursting with Promise!

I am still walking and taking masses of photographs!  I have missed my forum to talk about and share my experiences.

The next pattern I am going to upload is the Northern Lights Shawl.  This one is knit with Buffalo Wool Co BuffBoo, a bison, silk, bamboo blend.

Northern Lights is worked in panels, using three colours of Buffboo.  It is worked using the intarsia method of twisting the colours as they meet so that all panels are knit as a single row.  Each colour is a different lace stitch.  The colours and stitches move across the stole, and remind me of the Northern Lights as they dance across the Northern Skies.

Happy Knitting