Sugar Coated Morning

Sugar Coated Rose Hips
Sugar Coated Rose Hips

It was a glorious clear morning at Neck Point Park.  The air was crisp and fresh.  The light was bright and beautiful.  That cold, clear Winter light that casts shadows and high lights every shape!

Clear and Calm morning waters.
Clear and Calm morning waters.

There was no wind and the Ocean waters were calm and quiet – perfectly flat.  The horizon stretch out and on forever.  This is my favourite kind of morning.

The frost was thick around the waters’ edge and coated the field grasses.  There were rainbows on the edges of the pathways across the meadow in the park.  The hoar frost softened all of the edges of the driftwood and dried grasses alike – it was a shimmering kind of morning.

The Rose hips were particularly beautiful.  I kept finding more and more.  Some red and plump, some black and shrivelled, all with a thick coat of sugary frosting.  They were highlighted by sun at some points and hidden in shade at others.  Each presented its own beauty.

Such wonderful light and such clear air – a glorious day for photography.  From the ice on the pond and the fungus amongst the leaves every detail was outlined and sharp to the eye.

IMG_4731It was cold enough to force the water from the downed branches – candy cotton ice reaching out to the sun!

Happy New Year


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Thanks for highlighting the beauty you see in our surroundings, even in the dead of winter!

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