It has been a very grey November.  Lots of rain and not much sun.  The weekdays have grey and rainy but the weekends have been mostly spectacular – clear and cold.  And it looks like this next weekend will be the same – but even colder!

Sophie loves this time of year.  She is allowed on the beaches and can run and jump and play!  She is always up for our weekend walks.

IMG_3244 (1024x684)

We have been to Neck Point, Piper’s Lagoon and Morrel Sanctuary – all beautiful!  The Strait goes from being calm to wild, depending on the day.  The air is so clear that the Coastal Ranges are fully detailed and etched into the horizon!

Beth and Logan visited with us twice over the last 3 weeks.  I am going through withdrawal right now – but I have lots of pictures to keep me happy!

My favorite walk was last weekend.  We walked the back roads of Richards Marsh and across the marsh on the boardwalk.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun kept trying to peak through the clouds and the air was still and warm.

But the best part were the swans.  Six of them gliding serenely across an opening in the marsh!

It is amazing to me how beautiful it can be around here.  We have so many placing to walk!  And all within such short drives!  I hope that you have had time to try some of them out!

Even a simple piece of driftwood can carry a whole world on its branches!

Sometimes we don’t even need to leave home to see something incredible!  Did you see the sunrise on Sunday!  Amazing colours!

Happy Walking