Breaking Weather!

The Sky's are breaking.
The Sky’s are breaking.
Sheltering Robin.
Sheltering Robin.

It is breaking – alternating rain and snow and the rain is winning – snow is melting! We walked down the hill to Departure Beach as the roads are miserable right now.

There were Gulls, Oyster Catchers, Canadian Geese and Wood Ducks down at the Beach.  Sophie disturbed the flock of Wood Ducks, which disturbed the Geese and as a result I have a few pictures of birds in flight!

Lichen pom-pom at the end of a bare Branch.
Lichen pom-pom at the end of a bare Branch.

The buds are starting to open on the bushes and trees in the Park.  The daffodils are even starting to bloom at the Beach.

I hope that you enjoy the walk along Departure Bay Beach and thru Woodstream Park.


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