This is the greeting my husband has for any form of snow.  And last night it did snow.  Maybe an inch or two here!  Snowgeddon!

House and lights.
House and lights.
Crystalline Shawl - a single snowflake!
Crystalline Shawl – a single snowflake!
Beautiful snowflakes
Beautiful snowflakes

Unlike my husband.  I love the snow.  The structure of each snowflake is so beautiful and each is unique.  That unique structure was the base for the Crystalline Shawl.

I just went out to try to take a few pictures of the house and lights and snow!  With very limited success – I haven’t figured out how to get good low light shots.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Robin Hunter.  She is another knitting designer and blogger.  If you are interested in reading it, here is the link.

Happy Reading a Merry HO-HO!


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That snowflake shawl is beautiful beyond words. Can we get the pattern?????

Good Morning Weezy,
Thank-you for the comments.
The snowflake pattern at the moment is just some notes on scrap. It in on the list for getting written up this year – sometimes my needles work faster than I can write!
Happy Knitting

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