Cotton Candy rhododendron – a very beautiful example of an “edged” flower.

…. is a virtue.  Just not one we often practice.  I hope that Roses, Roses will be worth your wait.

For those of you just joining us.  There is a Ravelry Group here.  There you can find help if you need it and just some fun conversation with other like-minded knitters.  You will need to be a member of Ravelry to download the pattern pieces.  There is no charge to join Ravelry.

Section 1 is here.  It is either end of the long center section.  Both pieces are identical and start with a provisional cast-on.

A sneak peek at the Center panel – a heavily beaded Lattice pattern.

Section 2 will be released June 30th.  This will be the middle sections of the long center piece.

Section 3 will be released July 14th.  This will be the long side edges.

Section 4 will be released July 28th.  That will be the finishing ends.

The plan is in place.  Let’s get the party started.

Happy Knitting


Cotton Candy Rhododendron, each flower is approx 3 inches across – each cluster almost 8 inches across – stunning.