Beautiful Luna Moth – full Wingspan

Yesterday – for most of the day – there was a Luna Moth hanging in the Japanese Maple outside the store’s front door!   I only had my little Canon Power Shot with me, but it took some great – I think – shots!

Peonies – heavy with rain.

It has been a busy week so far, getting ready for the release of the first part of Edging the Pink – KAL.  It is now ready for tomorrow morning.

I keep taking pictures of pink flowers.  The Peonies in my back yard are my favorites right now.

This bee is almost bigger than the flower it is collecting from!

Though there is this shot of a very busy bee in a wildflower.

I have lots to do this weekend.  I will be picking up some older projects and getting them started as well as working on some ideas for new projects.

The beaded lattice for the center of the Roses, Roses Shawl is almost done.  I’ll post a couple of pictures this weekend.

Happy Knitting

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