Butchart Gardens - Tussy-Mussy decorations on one of their trees. Tussy-Mussy's are dried flower arrangements, often with messages written by the flowers! I thought that it was beautiful!

It is Christmas Eve morning, a saturday, I have tea in hand – Murchies Blackcurrant – and a busy day to contemplate.   It comes after a busy week of work, knitting and baking.

This is usually a busy week for all crafters.  We are all rushing around, trying to finish those last-minute gifts that we all think we can get done – one woman I spoke to knit 6 hats in a thirty hour marathon!  Add to that, the baking, entertaining and all of the extra social obligations that come with the Christmas season – this is the culmination of the years’ knitting and it is usually frantic for most of us.  I am no exception.

This year I have added a couple of hats to my list – just a basic toque, fold over ribbing and garter rib for the body (garter rib really is a cheater rib – one round is knit – it really speeds up the knitting)!  I just picked up my Purple Wrapsody again and I am almost at the waist!

My Tree - Decorated, lists are checked and almost everything is ready!

Earlier this week I made my Christmas Cookies and my Grandmothers Shortbread.  The shortbread is very traditional, baked in pans and then cut.  Today I’ll finish the baking with a buttertart pie and Walnut shortbread cookies.  What are your Christmas must haves?  The favorite treats, sometimes that we only have at Christmas?

Today is for prep work as well.  We have twelve for dinner tomorrow, lots of vegetables and special dishes to get ready for the big dinner – tonight we go out for Chinese food – also part of our traditions.  Today is also cleaning day!  Not my favorite activity but necessary!

Basic Worsted Ribbed Toque

I have finished off both of the hats.  I’ve used two different worsteds’ for the toques – Malabrigo Worsted hand-dyed – Pearl Ten, and Madelinetosh Worsted Superwash – Copper Penny.  They are both gorgeous.  I think that the Malabrigo is just a little bit softer, but the Madelinetosh glows.  I can’t decide which one I prefer!

The pattern below is the “Pithy” ( in the words of EZ), version.  I hope that you enjoy!  Thank-you for taking the time to read the blog, share your comments and experiences.

I hope that you Celebrate with Health and Happiness!

Happy Knitting


Basic Worsted Ribbed Toque

Materials:  100grs, worsted yarn (samples show Madeline Tosh Worsted and Malabrigo Worsted) – 4.0mm 16 in circs for ribbing and 4.5mm 16 in circs and dpn’s for body of hat – marker for the beginning of the round.

Pattern: Worked circularly – 3 sizes – samples shown are large.

With 4.0 mm circs, cast-on 84, (96, 108) sts.   Connect into a round and work 18 rounds in (K2, P2) ribbing.  Knit one round – fold round.  Work 14 more rounds in (P2, K2) ribbing – note reversal of ribbing.

Switch to 4.5mm circs and work the rest of the toque in 2 x 2 garter rib.

Garter rib – Round 1:  Knit.  Round 2: (P2, K2), repeat all around.

Work in pattern until toque is 5.5, 6 or 6.5 inches in depth from the fold round – finishing with a Knit round.  Start the decrease rounds.

      • Round 1: *Work 9 sts in pattern, K2tog, end K1; repeat from * 7, (8, 9) times – 77, 88, 99 sts.
      • Round 2 and all even rounds:  Knit.
      • Round 3:  *Work 8 sts in pattern, K2tog, end K1; repeat from * 7, (8, 9) times – 70, 80, 90 sts.
      • Round 5;  *Work 7 sts in pattern, K2tog, end K1; repeat from * 7, (8, 9) times – 63, 72, 81 sts.

        Decrease rounds and finishing of Toque

Continue in decrease pattern as set until there are 14, 16, 18 sts left; K2tog all around – 7, 8, 9 sts.  Cut yarn, leaving a 12 tail.  Weave the yarn back through your stitches – I try to go around twice, tighten up the hole and then weave in your ends.