Today is a new day and a cup of tea cures almost anything!

Enough with the moping!  It is a new day and today I am drinking a tea called “Read My Lips” – it is a wonderful Chocolate Mint Black Tea with great flavour.  It is made by David’s Tea.  As I sip and knit I am admiring a new find from yesterday!

Yesterday I went to a traditional Church Tea and Bazaar.  It was held by the United Church, right across from Mad About Ewe.  I went with my SIL and a friend.  It was a break from the rest of life.

When you walked into the hall the room was filled with round tables, each set for eight participants.  They were almost all full!

Perfect size for just the right amount of cake for a tea-party!

The tea was lovely, served into real china cups with saucers, plates of fancy sandwiches and home-baked goodies piled high on the tables and some sweet pickles as well.  Volunteers from the church were wandering around with pots of tea and coffee – all of the pots were good china, just like the tea-cups.

Pansies are the flowers of my heart. They decorated my wedding cake, beautiful dried pansies done by a friend. They were also part of my bouquet. They always make me smile!

This tea was the start of the Christmas fund-raising for the church and there were bazaar and baked good tables around the edges of the room.  I found a lovely little raised cake plate from another time – for my next tea-party!  It is only about 4 inches high and about 6 inches across, perfect for a few small goodies or a very small cake!

But the real find for me was a lovely piece of China, very decorative, from Aynsley China in Great Britain.  It was one of their little hand-made porcelain bouquets.  It is small but is crowned with a pansy, my favorite flower.  It was only a little dirty – I took a small brush and a little soap and cleaned it up.  There is not a chip or flaw, it is in perfect shape.  It now sits beside me as I knit.  Pansies always make me smile.

Simple - round and round!

I have been knitting – just a very plain sock for myself – something that goes around and around without thinking!  I do need some more socks.  I do work on other things but they are slow.

Happy Knitting