Challenging Chart!

I am procrastinating again – well sort of – maybe not really – I am not sure!  I have been working on the Tidal Pools pattern and it almost there.  The charts for the lace are really challenging to write (not so much to knit).  The cockle shell pattern goes from 19 sts to 39 sts and the chart has not been making the grade.  My concentration is not really there this week and I have been making a lot of mistakes!

Dolce Vita scarves at Vogue Knitting Live!

I did start a new project that is a little out of my comfort zone!  I am creating a hat, sort of a “Cossack” styled winter topper.  I am using Dolce Vita from SMC select.  It is a wool loop yarn made for finger crochet.  It was one of the features on the Runway at the Vogue Knitting Live event in Los Angeles last weekend!

Using a crochet hook I am catching the loops up into single crochet to create a very wild hat band.  Crochet is quite out of my comfort zone – I am very awkward with the hook.  Once the band is done I will pick up the stitches and finish the crown with knitting.

One round done! Four more to go - or maybe five!

I want the hat to sit low on the forehead, just above the eyes and then cover the tips of the ears.  If there is enough yarn left over, and this idea works, I will probably make some mittens to match!

I have been working away on Irish.  There is about 1.5 inches left before I can divide for the sleeves.  This is the most boring part of the project and the rounds are very long.  It will go faster and keep me more motivated once I can see the sleeves taking shape!

Irish - not too far away from dividing up for the body and sleeves!

I had to find a longer circular yesterday, the 24 inch needle was starting to feel the stress of too many stitches Yarn Over has quite a lot of body.  My 32 inch circ was in another project – somewhere in my knitting room – now a catch-all for everything!  I wasn’t sure which project or which storage place.  It was quite a search!  I eventually found the needle in my Purple “Wrap”sody, a Merisoft project that I had started last year.  I think that when Irish is finished I will go back and finish off this one as well – I had forgotten how wonderful Merisoft feels!

Purple "Wrap"sody - under construction!

Purple “Wrap”sody is going to be a longer, wrap-style garment, sort of a boyfriend style sweater.  I want to knit it now!  Did you note that it was purple?

I did make a break-through on the chart this morning.  I should have the pattern finished tomorrow morning – barring any more issues with the charts!  I have three projects that I want to finish yesterday and I can’t make up my mind about anything!  Therefore nothing much is really getting accomplished!

Thank heavens that I can still type!  Or maybe I wouldn’t get any blogging done either!  Or maybe it is that I can still blather on about anything and everything, which is easier than making up my mind about anything else!

What is the state of your mind!

Happy Knitting