Saturday Morning - The early morning sun sits on top of the Garry Oak at Piper's Lagoon!

Gets up early and goes to bed early as well.  Are you are morning person or do you burn the midnight oils?  When is your creative time?  It is always amazing to me how differently we all work.  Some of us do our best work in the morning and many do their best work when I can barely string two words together.

I am a long time early riser.  Generally awake by 5:30 am and often up by 6:00 am – though I do laze around until 6:30 am some days.  When you wake up early, going to bed by 10:00pm is very necessary – that is when I turn into a pumpkin.

I love the morning, watching the sun rise and feeling awake and ready to handle anything the day has to bring.  I do my best work in the morning – my patterns seem to make sense and that lace pattern that was driving me crazy last night is working out now!  In the morning you can really see the change of the seasons – right now it is darker and darker each morning.  This morning is especially dark as we have cloud cover.  It is the first time for clouds in almost 2 weeks.  I keep looking for the sun but it is well hidden and there is no colour show this morning.  I will make my tea and survey my day.  I will sit at my spot and drink my tea, usually 3 or 4 cups as I knit or write, whatever the morning plan encompasses.

Sunday Morning - Mid-morning photo shoot for Tidal Pools at Departure Bay Beach

This morning I am working on two patterns – The Tidal Pools Shawl and something for Vogue Knitting.  Back in April I submitted a pattern design to Vogue and they liked it.  It will be in the Winter Edition 2011.  I am so excited.  When it is allowed I will share the pictures!  I will also be writing a short blog for Mad About Ewe and hopefully will get some knitting done as well.  Mornings can be very productive!

I hope that you have your perfect morning this morning, whether it be sleeping or knitting or just soaking up that first cup of tea or coffee and doing the Sudoku puzzle.  Morning all!

Happy Knitting