My favorite socks, knit about 9 years ago and worn often! They have lasted a long time and they will be hard to replace.

I need a new pair of socks.  In the last four months 1 sock each of 4 pairs of socks has worn through!  These were all older socks, one pair was nine years old, one of the first 4-ply socks I ever knit!  But they were my favorites – which may explain why they wore out!  Knit out of Koigu and Regia sock yarn, they were knit from the toe-up with a short-rowed box toe.  The body of the socks were knit with a simple slip stitch stripe and then the heel was a repeat of the toe.  I had just enough Koigu left for the slightly ruffled cast-off top.  They were purple.  The foot had been getting thinner and thinner every year, but this last spring holes started forming, it is time for them to retire.  How ever will I replace them!

As a result of this particular dilemma I have been somewhat preoccupied by the lack of a plan.  What socks, what yarn, what will I do?  Some of my thinking has got me on the right track, but after wards I will have to have a more solid plan created!

I am not short of socks, in fact I still have a drawer full of them, but if I do not replace what has worn out I could have a problem.  After checking out my Ravelry page for socks I note that I have 3 singles that I could finish relatively quickly – I actually have more than that, but the others are either intended for someone else or I am really not interested in knitting the mate!  None of course are just plain knits, they are all patterned in some way, and won’t knit up quickly.  One is a really bright red travelling cable sock, another is a beaded and cabled sock and the other is the sock with the pink mohair cuff and beads!  Why couldn’t I have a plain pair on the go!?

Cabled and Beaded Cuffed socks - just barely started! Knit with Regia Silk and size 8/0 beads - I wonder where the beads are?!

I am leaning towards the beaded and cabled sock, it is one of my favorite patterns  and I have knit several pairs as gifts but none for myself!  Mine is barely started.  I guess I had better get cracking.

Do you have a favorite pair of socks?  Are they getting thin?  Better start thinking about a replacement and not get caught without a plan.

Happy Sock Knitting