…it never comes, or apparently is always late!  I promised a post tomorrow… at least two days ago!  I was posting for Mad About Ewe yesterday and the computer and I had an argument – you know how this ends – it won!  So the quick post took all morning and three separate postings!

Falling into the cracks - a hidden gem!

So back to the Holiday Monday!  I finished “Painted Ladies”, started a test knit for another designer (I’ll post more about it in a couple of weeks after the design is released!), and spent a wonderful few hours with friends at Neck Point – one of my favorite places.  We chatted and knit – I got a few rows in on my Citron Shawl.  We had lunch and I took lots of pictures.

I was playing with the focus on my camera, working with a polarizing lens and taking pictures of distance objects and working with objects at varying distances to improve focus on specific details.  It was a perfect day.  The sky was clear – the light was incredible – it was midday – we could see Mount Baker in Washington State!

Clear enough to see Mount Baker! Almost ethereal in the far distance.

A heron worked for his dinner at the water line.  As the tide receded, the meal seemed to improve.  He (or she) stayed there for almost 2 hours, allowing lots of time for pictures!  I think that he was posing for me!

Monday was clear, which usually means breeze on the west coast.  And there was a great breeze, keeping things from getting too hot.  We were protected in our little bay, but there was a definite breeze out in the straight.  Whitecaps, and sailboats were easy to spot.  There was a Junk style boat out in the straight, the distinctive brown sails, common to junks, making it easy to spot!  It was a fairly exotic siting for our coast!

Chinese Junk out in the Georgia Straight

Have you noticed that some days remain in your mind as perfect?  Well Monday was that kind of day for me.  From morning to evening the day was fabulous.

The day was finished with family coming for a relaxed dinner.  And later I started the new knit.  Did you have a wonderful long weekend?  Or have you had one of those memorable days lately, one that you will pull out and look back on as a “perfect” kind of day?

Happy Knitting