As much as I am enjoying my current project – Painted Butterflies – my mind is already jumping ahead to the next painting project.

Edging will be Scalloped Edging from my poor battered copy of Knitting Counterpanes!

Butterflies should be done this weekend.  I’m halfway through loading the beads onto the yarn for the edging.  I will start knitting the edging tonight.   It is going to be a wide ruffly, curly, beaded edge.  The edging will be knit with Diamond Luxury Cashmere/Silk a brushed yarn.  The contrast of the two yarns, the sheen of the beads and the colours of the painting should make for a wonderfully textured piece.

Undyed CamelSpin - gorgeous in it's own right!

Yesterday I brought home some new undyed yarn.  Handmaiden’s CamelSpin – if you are unfamiliar with this yarn – it is well worth looking up!  It is unique in my experience.  In its undyed state it is a warm taupe colour!  I know that it takes dye brilliantly – I have worked with several different colours of this yarn, but I have never painted a yarn that wasn’t a natural creamy colour.  I am looking forward to seeing this one painted up.  I think that this time I will design a lace shell for myself.  Time to start looking through my stitch libraries for just the right stitch!  Maybe it will need beads!!

Victorian Mesh Scarf - my favorite CamelSpin project.

Are you planning your next project?  Or are you really looking ahead and planning for Christmas?

Happy Knitting