Wanted - One cozy with an open top!

A while ago I broke a tea-pot.  I had had it a long time (30 years) and it did not owe me anything.  It was one of those tea-pots with an overhead handle and I had made a cozy for it, designed to acccomodate the handle.  Now I cannot find the cozy!

Last weekend I found a very pretty pot for the cozy, but the cozy is nowhere to be found!  I will really have to give the obvious places a very serious tidy in the next week!  Or I will be looking at making a new cozy!

Bluebells and Daffodils all in a row!

Two of my other cozies are travelling right now.  They are on their way to Squamish to spend the next 3 months in an Art Gallery.  Squamish Arts Council is having a Showing – Into the Woods with Red Riding Hood and “Bluebells and Daffodils…” is going, as well as the “Harvest Cozy”.

The curator of the Exhibit, Krisztina Egyed was in the store on Tuesday and fell in love with the cozies.  We started to talk and I ended up loaning the cozies to the Gallery.  The showing opens with a Gala evening.  We will see if I can figure how to go!  It is on a Thursday night – I’ll be working and then going from work if I decide to go.  There is just so much happening right now!

Harvest Cozy!

I am not really working on anything new right now – just the two pieces for painting.  But I have finally decided on the Retreat!  Now to see if my ideas will work.  More later.

My husband retired this week, we have had company with more arriving.  Tomorrow is his retirement party – 40+ for dinner and games etc.  Oh, and it was his birthday this week and my son’s – it has been a busy week!

Hope that your summer is going along just as busy and happy!

Happy Knitting