Table set for company - of the human variety!

Yesterday was Canada Day – the first day of July and the first day I was able to knit outside!  And I still needed a shawl and wool socks with my shorts and T-shirt!  What is with this summer?

The upside was that I had a couple of friends come over.  We shared tea and goodies, fresh local strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chunks and a yummy, healthy chocolate cake!  We also knit and chatted and spent a wonderful two and a half hours being outside.

There is something about sharing food and knitting time with friends.  It is the best kind of “soul” food.  Being surronded by the noises of summer, birds and lawn mowers, children shouting and dogs barking; the sun peaking through the clouds and shining on blue skies, summer breezes wisping around;  it all has a great calming effect as well.

Hummingbird Paradise - and deer delicacy - you can see how far they reach!!

The honeysuckle is in full bloom and some of the peonies are still blooming.  The honeysuckle was attracting a hummingbird that refused to pose for any pictures!  And three local deer were late door crashers.

I finished knitting the cowl and put it together last night.  This morning I finished the ends with a round of single crochet.  It is blocking on the floor.  Pictures tomorrow.

MAE KAL #2 Citron Shawl

Mad About Ewe has started it’s next KAL – the Citron Shawl.  I am knitting mine with Tosh Merino Light and Drops Kid-Silk.  I think that I will make it bigger.  And I will knit it faster as well!

Tomorrow Amanda and I will be taking some pictures of finished projects – then I will be finishing off some patterns.

One of the Gate Crashers!


As well the first Leaf and Point class is this next week and I have to finish off the pattern for the knitting section!  So life is completely normal – busy and creative.

Happy Knitting