Dots and Dashes using 3 solid colours - slip stitch knititng.

Do you believe that it is the end of June?  I’m having problems with that!  This has been and extremely fast six months.  Here we are halfway through the year and I’m still not sure what happened to the time!  Life has been busy, but no busier than normal.  I guess that one of my issues is that I have so many idea’s buzzing around in my brain right now – so I am always busy thinking about the next thing or project that I want to tackle – and not living in the now!  Which means that I am not seeing it go by until I come up for air.  Last week I came up for air!

Dots and Dashes - hand-dyed yarn + solid yarn - slip stitch knitting

Right now I’m trying to set up the idea’s for the retreat.  I’ve been working with lots of hand-dyed yarns and reading quite a few books on colour and texture lately – so I am thinking that I should do something on working with hand-dyed yarns for the retreat.  What technique or what project?  It works better for most learners when they have a finished object to create while learning, so I will have to decide the what.  And then which technique that will work with the what!  Sounds like I have a few more questions to answer for myself.

Colour is always an inspiration to me.  Hand-dyed yarns in particular are always exciting, what does the blend of colours suggest?  What does it looks like when knit?  What technique will show the yarn at it’s best?  So many reasons to play!

As the textures change, so do the colours change. Each stitch is presented differently with each texture and so the colours also present differently.

What do you find to inspire you?  Is it colour?  Is it texture?  Or a combination of both?

Happy Knitting