My finished Helix Scarf

Yesterday was Mad About Ewe’s Knit out day and I actually finished my Helix Scarf at the Knit out!  I am quite pleased with the results.  The beaded edge did add a nice finish.  unfortunately the colours are not so great for me – they are a little more Fallish than I like or can wear close to my face.  I think that this will become a gift.

I am on vacation for the next week.  My husband and I are going to Whistler for a lovely little break.  My first problem was deciding what to bring as my Vacation knitting.  Isn’t that first thing you pack?  Just because I am on vacation does not mean that I will not be knitting!

I actually packed my camera and lens first – they were easy – once I got the sling bag for carrying everything in!  I have never been to Whistler and I hope to take lots of pictures.  It is such a beautiful area of B.C.

Basketweave Gauntlet in Fleece Artist Wooly Silk 3-ply

The knitting decisions were a little more difficult!  I eventually decided to work on the sample projects for the fall classes.  I have decided to feature hand-dyed yarns and the technique that showcase them best for quite a few of the fall classes.

I am going to use the Basketweave Gauntlet pattern by Isabeau Knits for an entrelac class.  It is a great pattern, no mistakes and a very clear read.  Entrelac or entrelace is a great technique for hand-dyed yarns as really focuses the eye on the colours!  It is also a great way of using up scrapes of hand-dyes and solids!  The gauntlets are so easy that I am almost done a pair already – they will not be traveling with us!

I have a couple of other ideas as well.  A mosaic(or slip-stitch) knit hat using a hand-dyed yarn and a solid.  I’ve picked out a gorgeous dk Cashmere by Handmaiden – Cashmere 4-ply, and for the solid contrast, Sublime’s Cashmere, Silk, Merino DK!  I think that it will be a slouchy style beret.  I’ll be packing a couple of Barbara Walker’s books for this and the next couple of projects!

Domino knitting and Hand-dyed yarn. The colours move very differently with the domino technique. I am going to try adding a lace pattern.

I’m going to fool around with domino or modular knitting for the last project.  I’m thinking some  lace work in a cowl type of shaping – this idea is not so well-formed.  I have a shape and an idea, we’ll see what happens.  It will need a little more thinking!  And in my spare time I’ll work on the painted butterfly shawl!  I hope that I have packed enough  projects!

Strawberry Sponge Cake

Today is Father’s Day,  I baked my father a Strawberry Sponge Cake, from scratch and he just called and said that he can’t make it!  His wife’s back has just gone out.  He’ll miss the prime rib and yorkshire pudding but the rest of the guests will enjoy it.  I’ll have to pop over later this evening and bring him some cake, because it turned out beautifully.  It has been ages since I made sponge cake from scratch – I still know how!

Hope that you have a great week.  I’ll post pictures of Whistler after I get back, next Friday or Saturday!  And pictures of knitting of course.

Happy Knitting