Helix and Pulled out yarn - just waiting to tangle up with the beaded yarn!!

I now remember why the Helix Scarf has been languishing on the counter at work!  It was wound up and must have had some kind of loop hanging from the back – the loop has pulled through and tangles constantly with the working yarn.  This has slowed down the knitting immensely!  Moving the beads along is always part of the project, slows it down to begins with, but as you work the beads in, the knitting will get faster.  I keep hoping that I will reach the point where this loop originates and then knit it in – which would be great!  But it still hasn’t happened and I am almost half way through.

The original scarf is about 40 inches long – I am aiming for 45 inches and I am at 21 inches!  If this loop tangle does not slow me down too much I should have the scarf done for the Knit Out on saturday!

First Butterfly section finsihed and last doubling rows completed.

The Painted Butterfly Shawl is about 1/4 done.  The last doubling has just been finished and I think that I have found the edging.  It is one with a really curved edge keeping with the circular motif.  I am adding beads to the “wings” in this next section and a small center panel is going to be beaded as well.  The beads will be knit-in to each stitch as I go along.  I will have to break the yarn at some point to add more beads.  I did not figure on adding any beads into the lace knitting!  I hate to break the yarns, but when I do it will at an edge – I am planning on finishing the upper edge with some beaded I-cord which will give me a nice solid bit of knitting to weave the ends into.

Happy Knitting