Vogue Early Fall, 2011, Photo by Rose Callahan - #8 Sheath and Wrap! I am so excited!

Yesterday afternoon, 4 copies of Vogue Knitting Early Fall Edition arrived at my door!  They are beautiful.  Worth every minute of the wait. The pictures are gorgeous – the interview with Franklin Habit was a joy to read, it refreshed my memory of the whole conversation.  It was interesting as well to read the other designers interviews, and find out what it was that brought them to that point in their lives!

The rush at reading and seeing my pattern in the pages of Vogue was incredible!  It is a very complex pattern with intricate lace charts, knitting instructions and painting instructions.  There wasn’t room for it all – the wrap schematic and the step by step painting instructions are on Vogue Knitting’s Website!  I’ll have to read it more carefully over the next couple of days and compare with my original – I may learn a better way of wording or lay-out improvements for my other patterns .

Now what do I do?  Celebrate and enjoy for sure, but what next?  I’ve just reached a pinnacle I never expected or planned to reach and I am at a loss.  I always knit, will always continue to knit and design and play!  Do I want to submit more patterns to Vogue and other magazines or continue as I have been – selling my patterns through Ravelry and Infiknit!  I will probably try for both!  Why set limits?!  Life is never boring!

I have an idea for my next painted project.  Something circular this time, maybe with 2 different fibre’s, one smooth and one fuzzy.  I found some un-dyed Cashmere in my stash – it should go well with the Cashmere/silk that I am already looking at.  I haven’t knit a circular shawl in quite a while!

I’ve finished my son’s tea-cozy.  I think that he will be pleased, not too ornate but not boring either!  This morning I cast-on the back of the Modern Guernsey again and have started knitting.  The numbers are right this time.  Life is good around here – I hope the same for you.

From my mind to the page! What a trip!

Happy Knitting