Whinge – to whine or complain!  Not seriously, but a little maybe, jealousy, on my part.  My daughter has a copy of the Vogue Knitting with my pattern in it.  She called yesterday to tell me all about it!

Really I am thrilled – it is out there!  How exciting!  But I want to see it!  (Visualize a long wail here)!

It has been a great few days!  The magazine has been released and that is very exciting.  A friend, Lynette Domeney, sent me a book that I had been looking for – Cornish Guernseys and Knit-frocks.  It goes along with my Modern Guernsey project.

And last week I received another gift, a gift and a responsibility.   Most knitters around here know about my fascination with beads and bead knitting and one, Kim Cowlie-Adams, a local Saori weaver, decided to share with me.  She knew that I would be fascinated by and would look after the bag that had been in her family for many years.  She was right.

The Napier Hemy Beaded Bag

This is an absolutely incredible beaded bag.  It is circular with a brass hinge and chain.  The bag was constructed using short-row wedges and there about 24 beads per inch of knitting.  The beads still sparkle after all the years it has been around.  I think that it is well over 100 years old.  It will require some research, but I have some names to track down to see if I can fill it the story that goes with it!

The bag is showing its age.  The silk lining is mostly gone and there are beads missing and holes in the bag, but this makes it all the more incredible.  What has it seen?  What parties did it attend?  History is all around these small bits of knitting that survive time and use!

Happy Knitting