Rose of Autumn Cozy

I did finish the Cozy last night and I have made my first pot of tea in the new pot.  Both are working great! 

The spout does not drip – always an issue, most pots drip.  Or least, most of my pots have dripped.  The pot and the cozy are working together well and keeping the tea hot!  I was thinking of writing the pattern for this cozy.  It is very labour intensive with the finishing of the roses on the pot.  I am not sure if most would want to do the playing around that goes with this type of rose shaping.  The leaf edging around the top is very fiddly as well.   It needed a lot of encouragement to hold the crown shape!  Read that as lots of tacking with needle and yarn!

Top View

I’ve picked up the Modern Guernsey Sweater again.  It was “on hold”  while I explored a couple of other ideas.  The French ribbons sweater (purple), is going well and I know that my idea will work, so it can wait while I finish this sweater.  My pattern for the Victorian Lace Cap is basically all written – I just need a good photo for the front!  So I can concentrate on the Guernsey.

Last week Betty came into the store with a bag of old knitting patterns.  Most were pretty standard baby sweater and childrens patterns, but there was this one neat old book – the 1941 Lux Knitting Book!

This book has 63 patterns, with patterns for beginners and experts, yarn substitutions guide, how to section, a write up about colours and cost only 35 Cents!  Very, very cool!

Happy Knitting