Baltic Meadows - Detail

When I first started to knit lace, about 10 years ago, I was like most new lace knitters, a little afraid of the fine yarns that they all seemed to be knit with.  I looked for shawls, and lace projects that were knit with heavier yarns.  This stole was one of my first projects.

The Baltic Sea Stole was knit with a sport weight mohair in the original version, but could be knit with any sport weight.  It needs over 900yds for it’s 80in length and 27in width -I had about 800yds of a 4-ply/light sport weight alpaca and being about 5 ft tall did not need 80in of stole!  I thought that the pattern and my yarn would be the perfect match and they were.  My stole is 59in long and 25in wide.  There was only one problem, the alpaca yarn was in the natural creamy white, which I do not wear well.  So my poor stole has languished in my cupboard, pulled out quite a few times but seldom worn.  It just did not look good on me!

Baltic Meadows - the new look!

I wore the stole to work on Thursday and had an Epiphany!  Why not paint the stole!?  Dorothy and I discussed the pro’s (many) and cons (none) and that is just what I did.  Today!  It is now on the floor behind me blocking and drying!  Why had it never occurred to me before?!  One of life’s little blind spots.  My stole is now Baltic Meadows and looks like a meadow full of flowers.

New beads for the Stash, including some size 6/0 delica's. I've never found delica's that big before!

Yesterday I went to Victoria.  It was a wonderful day with no itinerary and no real purpose.  I found some beads for my stash and some loose tea for my cupboard! 

Last weekend I bought a new tea-pot, a shiny stainless one, but it needs a cozy before I can use it.  It has been my project for the week and is almost done!  The cozy will get finished this evening and I will make my first pot of tea in my new pot tomorrow morning.  I think that I will try one of my new teas as well.  I hope to share pictures tomorrow morning!

Happy Knitting


PS.  If you want to take a look at the painting process for the stole.