Vogue Early Fall, 2011, Photo by Rose Callahan - #8 Sheath and Wrap! I am so excited!

This has been a very busy weekend, and very exciting!  First, I must apologize for spamming on Saturday!  I was so excited by the Vogue Preview that I had to share it with everyone who was possibly listening – and I think I was guilty of spamming!

  • Saturday – 1)  I finished the last Victorian Lace Cap Sample and I should finish the pattern today.  A friend of mine is test knitting it right now!

    Playing with the edgings!

    2)  I saw the Vogue Preview.  It was very surreal to see it like that, mine, but not mine!  3)  Tried out a new recipe that worked out great! 4) Got a hair cut, not very exciting, but very necessary.

  • Sunday – 1)  Painted the Leaf and Point Lacy Shawl/Stole.  It turned out very well, a little bigger than I expected.

    Ocean, Sky and Lace - Leaf and Point Lace Scarf/Stole - 7:00am ish!

    2)  We went for a walk around the SeaWall and enjoyed a leisurely day

  • Monday – 1)  Saw my pattern from Vogue on Ravelry – big surprise – I was not expecting that! 2)  Got an E-mail from Vogue Knitting, they were letting me know that everything was underway and getting posted on Ravelry.  A little late, but perfectly fine!  3)  Now I am blogging all about it!

    Eye level with a mini-meadow this morning at Neck Point!

It has been a perfect Long Weekend!

Today will be very leisurely, finish up the laundry, maybe do some housekeeping (maybe not), hopefully finish the Victorian Lace Cap Pattern and work some more on the Leaf and Point Trio Pattern.  It is my Brother’s Birthday so I will call him, maybe he will even be home!  I hope that your weekend was just as great.

Different light changing the colours!

Painting the scarf yesterday was great, though the results were not quite what I expected.  The Lilac and Mouse Grey combined to really grey down the other colours.  It has made the scarf feel very Victorian.  The Lilac is very grey!  I am always learning!  only the Leaf and Point Stole left to paint.  I am still not sure of what colours I want to use.  This piece was knit with a Merino/Cashmere blend so the results will be different.

Leaf and Point Stole

Happy Knitting