Left front corner of tunic hem.

Have you ever noticed that some projects knit faster than others?

Some projects almost seem to knit themselves they go so fast.  Other projects take fore-ever……  I’ve got both kinds on the go right now!  Victorian Lace Cap – 3 samples finished in less than a week;  Chinese Opera shawl – still moving along quite nicely;  but my Summer Waves vest, has slowed right down to a crawl and the this new project, Modern Guernsey, could take me a while – at least until I get the tunic connected into the round.

Adult sized Victorian Lace Cap

The Modern Guernsey has been designed and I have started the knitting.  The boxy shape is the most common shape for a traditional Guernsey, and it is usually completely reversible.  Mine will not be boxed shaped as I am not shaped like a box.  In another common Guernsey tradition, it will be a tunic.  It will also have many other details that are common to the Guernsey tradition. It will have underarm gussets and “side seams”.  The neck will be an adaptation of a traditional neck.  The patterning details in the shoulders and upper chest will be traditional.  This why a Modern Guernsey – the traditional Guernsey was worn by a man and looked like it was made for a man.  This pattern will be written for a woman and will fit a woman properly.  Yikes!  I do sound a little preachy here!

Swatching the Anchor.

I have been playing around with the motifs for the sweater, for my father, once in the Navy, there had to be an anchor; and for the LeTissier name which translates into “weaver” I am designing a center panel that will (hopefully) resemble the threaded heddles of a loom.  The sweater will be shaped and darted; and the patterns will be accented with cables and welting.

In the meantime I’ve just purchased some absolutely gorgeous yarn – Unisono by Zitron, a merino superwash, infused with aloe an jojoba, tonal-dyed, with the softest hand and in a most amazing purple.  It is screaming at me to be knitted.  I have the design in my head, top-down, lace neckline, lace ribbing, skinny ribbed sleeves and the yarn is purple.  Too much yarn, too many ideas and always not enough time!

Did I mention it was Purple!!

Here is wishing you more time to knit!