Toddler Victorian Lace Cap

We all know that knitting is relaxing, creative, frustrating, and addictive!  It happens after you knit (and wear) your first pair of socks – suddenly socks are the only project you will knit.  The high demand for more socks from friends and family just keeps you on track!

Then came the patterning socks – you kept on knitting just to see what the next pattern would look like!  When you started knitting lace there were pattern repeats to track – you would only knit until the next row repeat was about to start!  Etc!

Infant Victorian Lace Cap

I think that I am in the middle of a little bit of an addiction.  The little lace and beaded caps have really captured me.  I have knit two in the last day and a half and have the beads pre-strung for the third.  The infant size, the white one with the pink beads only took 4 hours – excluding the pesky yarn winding, bead stringing and finishing!  But the kniting:  short row wedges, with lace eyelets and beads, just keeps me going – 20 to 25 min per wedge and then you start again.  It’s like a perfect mini project each wedge!

Hope that you are enjoying your addiction!  Happy Knitting!