Beautiful Little Park

I have an unusual day off – a Monday!  This does happen when I have workshops on Saturdays, but there haven’t been many these last few months.  It feels sort of luxurious!

It’s been a good few days.  I have finished off the Leaf and Point Lacy Scarf – I had kind of hoped for a nicer day today – then I would have painted it – but maybe next weekend!

Leaf and Point Lacy Scarf - all around edging!

Colours, more Colours, combined with Drop Stitches!

I knit and wrote the pattern for a Recycled Sari Silk Scarf for a work sample and I am starting, and finishing, a sample for a new pattern.  The Chinese Opera Shawl is coming along very nicely and so is life!

Yesterday the weather in the afternoon was quite balmy.  We went for a walk through Barsby Park, a little bit of a park that I had never been to before.  It is close to the bus depot down town and runs right along Millstream River.  It is a beautiful little place, in a not so beautiful area of town.

Millstream falling towards the Ocean.

The M a d e l i n e  T o s h yarn arrived at the store this week and idea’s are starting to percolate around my brain.  The colours are gorgeous!  All of this creative activity is wonderful, but it does cause a few hic-cups along the way.  Where do I start?  What should be first?  And what about all the other idea’s that are stewing around in my brain!?

I think that some-one, not me, should start a one step program for knitters – back away from the pile, isolate one item and then jump in – both feet first.  Naw! that wouldn’t work, not enough yarn to catch me!  A great pile it remains!

I was perusing my years of Vogue Knitting Magazine today – I have almost all of them since 1982.  I realise that I have learned so much from those books, most of the information is still totally relevant and even the styles don’t look that dated – OK – some do, but most are still wearable now!  Anyone else keep stacks of old magazines?  Go through them every now and then?  Fess up – please tell me that I am not alone!

I love the Beaded Elf Cap!  The choice of the moment!

Beaded Elf Cap!

Happy Knitting