Chinese Opera!

I started a new project this week.  I rather like it.  Which is really not surprising as it has a high “bling” factor.

Last week we got this new metallic yarn – Palila by Austermann; 400m of metallic and sequins.  I had been wanting to see it in action.  Take Palila in gold with rainbow sequins and add red Kid-Silk by Drops and you have a Chinese Opera!  That was one persons’ name for it – I was thinking Bordello, but Opera has a little more class!

I am knitting a simple triangular shawl.  Starting at the back of the neck and knitting until I run out of yarn.  It is very pretty and very soft, which surprised me – I thought that the sequins might add a harder edge to the mohair.  It is knit on 6mm needles and is knitting up very fast.  I started in Wednesday morning and I am already 13 in deep and about 28 in across the top of the triangle.

Sari Ribbon

I have also started to play with the Sari Ribbon.  It is made from Mill ends from Sari production.  It looks like a great ball of ribbons.  Each end to sewn to the next and it is quite interesting to play with.  I started with a 10mm needle and I have decided on a 15mm needle.  This will also knit up very quickly!!

Happy Knitting